HSC Legal Studies

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Need help finding legal information?

Government and rights

Legal Studies Research Guide

A tailored guide that brings together the essential resources for those studying Legal Studies.

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Legislation online

Full text and links to Commonwealth, NSW and other legislation.

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Search tips

How to make the most out of your Legal Studies searches and get the best search results. 

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Find Legal Answers website

Free legal information for the community of NSW.

Free and trustworthy information online


The catalogue lists all items in the Library's collection such as books, online journals, magazines, ebooks. If you are studying at home or at school, the online resources are free to use with a Library card.  If you are onsite, you can request material to be used in the Reading Rooms.


Access eresources to find fulltext articles, ebooks and websites arranged in broad subject groupings. These are free to use with your Library card.  


Find full text Australian journal articles on different areas of the law including constitutional law, family law, intellectual property, legal theory, land rights, administrative law, legal aid, criminal law, administration of justice and international law.  

Oxford Reference Online: Law  

A great place to start to define legal terms and give overviews of legal subjects. Legal dictionaries and encyclopedias covering topics including Australian law, human rights, High Court of Australia, international law and more. 

Finding the right online sources

You search online all the time, but are you finding what you need?

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Getting better results from your searches

Hints and tips to search for perfect resources online and save time in the process.

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Better searching with online resources

Does it feel like there are too many resources? We simplify it for you. 

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Citing your work and avoiding plagiarism

We show you how to get the right citations from academic resources and best present your own work.

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Essential Library resources for research

We bring together key HSC subjects resources, including those for Advanced and Extension courses.

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