Information for HSC teachers

Discover programs and resources to help students with their HSC learning.

Workshops for your students


A tailored 60-minute program delivered to students and teachers in their classrooms via Zoom. We can arrange multiple classes if needed.

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At the Library

Make the most of the Library's collections and develop online search strategies with a workshop and tour tailored to individual subject areas such as English, Society and Culture, History and Legal Studies.

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In a 60-minute session, students will strengthen their research skills, develop search strategies, learn how to use the Library catalogue and discover quality online resources available with a Library card.

Talk to us about other subjects such as Aboriginal Studies and Extension Science.

These workshops are also available for International Baccalaureate students.

Self-guided Library excursion

Make the most of the Library's collections and resources. We’ll provide handouts tailored to your subject area, prepare Library cards and other materials for collecting, and secure tables on the day of your visit.

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Subject-specific information for your students

HSC History Student Tips

History Extension

Prize-winning essays, tips from a former student and a Q&A with teachers to help with The Project.

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English Extension 2 

Read reflection statements and hear tips from past students on navigating your writing project.

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Society and Culture 

A research guide, award-winning Personal Interest Projects and advice from a teacher and high-achieving former students.

Aboriginal Studies 

Past HSC exam papers and a guide to using the Library's collections and catalogue 

Student seminars

Full-day seminars for Extension History and English Extension 2 are an exciting opportunity for your students to develop their research skills and gain valuable advice, resources and inspiration as they embark on their major work.

Learning activity

Eight Days in Kamay – Texts and the Human Experience

Students explore the online exhibition Eight Days in Kamay and reflect on how texts may invite the responder to see the world differently, to challenge assumptions, ignite new ideas or reflect personally.

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