Illustrating explained

Duration: 45 minutes
Virtual excursion
Stage 3 Stage 4

Have you ever wondered how picture book illustrators work to bring a story to life?

Here's a sneak peek




In this virtual excursion you will take part in an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ investigation into the process of bringing a picture book to life. You will see original drafts, sketches and artworks from our extensive picture book archives that demonstrate how illustrators develop and plan their illustrations, bringing adding depth and meaning to the words on each page.   

Please note: This virtual excursion is only available on  Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Curriculum outcomes


EN3-RECOM-01 Fluently reads and comprehends texts for wide purposes, analysing text structures and language, and by monitoring comprehension 

EN3-UARL-01 Analyses representations of ideas in literature through narrative, character, imagery, symbol and connotation, and adapts these representations when creating texts 


EN4-URB-01 examines and explains how texts represent ideas, experiences and values 

EN4-ECA-01 creates personal, creative and critical texts for a range of audiences by using linguistic and stylistic conventions of language to express ideas 

EN4-RVL-01 uses a range of personal, creative and critical strategies to read texts that are complex in their ideas and construction 

Please note

This session, artworks, film and sound clips are protected by copyright and may not be recorded, reproduced or used in any way without the express written consent of the State Library of NSW.

Excursion Summary




45 minutes

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