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All Aboard!

Students recreate the journey of the eleven ships of the First Fleet across the ocean to New South Wales. 

Student activities

Task no. 1

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All Aboard!

Teachers note: Print Resource 1: First Fleet headband. You will need 11 headbands to represent each ship. 

The First Fleet was made up of 11 ships that sailed across the world to set up a new colony in New South Wales. The ships were: HMS Sirius, HMS Supply, Alexander, CharlotteFriendshipLady PenrhynPrince of Wales, Scarborough, Borrowdale, Fishburn and Golden Grove.  Two were naval ships, six were convict transports and three were store-ships. You can see them all in the drawing, below, by William Bradley, who was on HMS Sirius. This drawing shows the First Fleet leaving England on 13 May 1787. 

Eleven ships sailing in front of a shore with high cliffs
Image 1: Detail from Opp. p. 13. `Sirius, Supply & Convoy : Needle Point ENE 3 miles. Hyaena in Companny. 13 May 1787'

Choose one ship from the First Fleet and write its name on your headband. Research your ship.  

Colour in the headband to show what kind of ship it was and write down any information you can find out about your ship, for example, how many people sailed on this ship, who was in charge, or how many people died along the way.  

Cut out your headband and tape it to the size of your head.  

Recreate the journey of the First Fleet in your classroom as if you were the ships. Choose a corner of your classroom to be Portsmouth, England, where the journey starts. Follow the instructions in this Prezi to re-enact the entire journey by moving around your classroom.  

Look at the painting, below, of their arrival in Port Jackson. You made it! 

Opp. p. 65. 'Entrance of Port Jackson 27 Janury 1788', ca. 1802
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