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The Book Lovers Club meets from 4 to 5 pm on the first Tuesday of each month, during term time only.


Each month we invite a special guest author, illustrator or book-loving expert to share a list of their favourite books and join our members for an online discussion group.

Join us live to ask your burning questions and to contribute your thoughts about the books you’ve read.  

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Special Guest: Reece Carter 

Tuesday 1 November 4 – 5pm 

Reece Carter grew up on his family farm in Tammin, Western Australia. There was an unfortunate lack of witches and ghosts on the farm, so Reece had to find them in books instead! When not reading or writing, Reece can usually be found talking to his dog Hagrid – and hoping that one of these days, Hagrid might decide to talk back.  

Join Reece in our November meeting to hear all about his debut novel, A Girl Called Corpse, and ask him everything you want to know about becoming an author and where he finds his inspiration.  

Reece Carter’s recommended reads: 

  • Dragon Skin by Karen Foxlee 
  • The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman 
  • Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl 
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    The Great Book Games!

    Tuesday 6 December 4 – 5 pm 

    This month, join our Book Lovers Club meeting for a special end-of-year celebration! We’ll play games like pictionary, trivia, I spy and more - all about our favourite thing: BOOKS! Test your knowledge of all of the books we’ve discussed in Book Lovers Club this year as well as some other favourites. Plus, we’ll share our top recommendations to get your summer reading lists ready.