Labelling activity

Student activities

Task no. 1

Class discussion

Look at the images of Australian native animals from the collection items below. 

  • identify the body parts of each animal 
  • describe each body part using an adjective. For example: Claws. What type of claws? Sharp claws. 
Mamura Superba [lyrebird], 1813
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Regent [regent bowerbird], 1813
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Black & White Cockatoo [sulphur-crested cockatoo],
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Kangaroo [eastern grey kangaroo], 1813
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Item 04: [Platypus], 1810
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Natural history drawings of marsupials, reptiles and rodents, ca. 1831-1841
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Task no. 2

Download resource (12.24 KB)


Label an image of an Australian native animal using vocabulary from the word bank (- attached to this task.) Match each of the words from your plastic bag, envelope or container to the corresponding body part on the printout of your Australian native animal. 

Paste each word near the corresponding body part. 

Task no. 3


Choose two body parts from your Australian native animal and for each chosen body part, write 1 sentence. For example: The Possum has a bushy tail.