Art Club

A new year and a whole new bunch of artworks to examine!

Join us for more exciting and inspiring art adventures based on Library collections, and develop new skills to apply to your own artmaking.

This club is ideal for budding primary school-aged artists, who want to try  new ideas and get excited about the stories behind the paintings at the Library. It’s fun, highly interactive and led by Andrea, our fabulous art educator.  

Art Club is held fortnightly during term time on alternate Thursdays at 4 pm. 

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Michelle - Fish

Online Gallery

Jump in and have a look at some of the amazing artwork created by Art Club members!

Art Club manifesto


Term 2 2022

Jump into perspective drawing adventures and hone your skills with a horizon line in at Art Club this term. We will look closely at collection items for inspiration and learn the tricks of drawing to make things look close and far in the distance. If you love drawing and would like some fresh ideas to supercharge your sketchbook activities - join today! Simply fill out the registration form and join us for artmaking fun every second Thursday during term time.

Paintings of a bridge being built

28 April 2022 — 4pm  

One Point Perspective revisited

We will look closely at more images from the collections that show clever use of perspective to create dramatic effect. Review of horizon lines and vanishing points will have you well on your way to creating artworks of both exterior and interior scenes, with elements of perspective. We’ll take a close look at a painting by Jane Bennett that has very cool and dramatic lines.

Corner of a large building and the streets around it

12 May 2022 — 4pm

Two Point Perspective  

This week we look a little deeper at a two-point horizon and discover how to create more three-dimensional solid forms for buildings and objects. We’ll explore more perspective pictures from the past and gather ideas to create details in your own artmaking.

Crowd of people on a dark street with fire at the end

26 May 2022 — 4pm

Artworks into words – our second collaboration with Young Writer’s Club.

This week marks our second connection with the Young Writer’s Club, and this time they will be responding to our artworks with their writing. We will be making perspective-based images that inspire a feeling or a story and take a close look at a painting that almost didn’t exist!
I wonder what those clever Young Writers will be inspired to write about when they see the Art Clubbers artworks…mmm.

A group of people indoors around a table

9 June 2022 — 4pm

Distorted Perspective/Grid copying

This week we play around with distortion and use some wonky grids to make a copy of an image with a difference. We will revisit the wonderful painting The Convex Mirror by George Washington Lambert and try to figure out what’s going on there!

Landscape of trees and a log on the ground

23 June 2022 — 4pm  

Mixed review of perspective ideas

Large and small, near and far, deep and shallow – all ideas to think about when getting things into perspective! We’ll review what we have learned and tackle ideas to make a mystery collaborative artwork – I wonder how it will work out! We’ll also take a close look at another wonderful painting from the collection that cleverly tricks your eyes.