Art Club for Kids

Join art educator Andrea once a fortnight for a close-up look at some of the wonderful paintings in the Library collection before you jump in for a hands-on session making art!

This program is suitable for primary school children.

Unleash your inner artist - join up for some arty fun!

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Art Club Main Theme

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Art Club 1 - Fairy Bower

23 July 2020

Have fun with a drawing activity based on a small section of the painting.

Art Club 2 - Picnic at the Rocks

6 August 2020

Be ready for your next picnic by checking out this beautiful artwork for an idea of the perfect spot to go to!

Art Club 3 - Sydney Public Library

20 August 2020

The library is a wonderous place, and it’s changed significantly over time.

Art Club 4 - The Atlas Works

3 September 2020

Explore these surprising visual details, and experiment with black and white to create your own monochromatic artwork.

Art Club 5 – Stephen Butts in Macquarie Street

17 September 2020

This session is all about looking carefully at all the details — and remember you need to practise, practise, practise!

Online Gallery

Jump in and have a look at some of the amazing artwork created by Art Club members!