Art Club for Kids

ART CLUB - Term 1, 2021

A new term and a whole new bunch of artworks to look at!

Join us for more exciting and inspiring art adventures based on the State Library collections, and be encouraged in your own artmaking adventures at the same time.

This club is ideal for budding primary school-aged artists, who want to try some new ideas and get excited about hearing some of the stories behind the paintings at the State Library. It’s lots of fun and led by Andrea, our art educator.  

Art Club is held fortnightly during term time on Thursdays at 4 pm, beginning on 22 April.  

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Interior of Burrangalong Cavern (Abercrombie Caves), near Bathurst, New South Wales , 1843–49
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April 22 2021 — 4pm  

Interior of Burrangalong [Abercrombie] Cavern, c 1843–49 

by Conrad Martens

Conrad Martens was a very well-known and clever artist of his time and he spent quite a lot of time making artworks about the famous Abercrombie caves near Bathurst. He used a few tricks to convey the size and grandeur of the caves — tune in to Art Club this week and find out how he created these dramatic effects and try a few for yourself!

Landing in Bounty Bay, c 1825
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May 6 2021 — 4pm

Landing at Bounty Bay, c 1825

by Frederick William Beechey

Have you ever been on a rocky sea? Bounty Bay on Pitcairn Island certainly looks dangerous and not the ideal place to be landing a ship, but both HMS Bounty and HMS Blossom did just that! Frederick Beechey was commander of the HMS Blossom and he painted this scene as he remembered it — check out how he has used jagged shapes and discover a range of techniques for creating detail and texture.

Girl on a bike, Cudal, near Orange, New South Wales, 1945
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May 20 2021 — 4pm

Girl on a bike, Cudal, near Orange, New South Wales, 1945

by Herbert Badham

Do you enjoy remembering the places you have been, from the drawings or photos you made while you were there? The artist Herbert Badham loved to capture everyday activities wherever he went, often including people he knew. Join us to make an artwork about your life and the people in it.

An image of a painted angel and a speech bubble with a question mark

June 3 2021 — 4pm

Return of the guest presenter for Art Club!  

Andrea’s out of town again, but you’ll have lots of fun with our mystery guest presenter this week…who will it be? Picasso? …no…someone better! Get ready to try some new ideas, with tips and tricks to follow for creating your own masterpieces!

Panoramic View of Sydney Harbour and the City Skyline, 1894
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June 17 2021 — 4pm  

Panoramic view of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline (1894)

by Arthur Streeton

Scratchy and stretched out, this view of Sydney Harbour, in an unusually elongated rectangle, really makes you feel that you are sweeping the horizon with your eyes. Fine details are barely there with a dab and a swish, here and there. Can you smell the sea air and hear the distant gulls? We will be making unusual land and seascapes with a twist in this last session of the term.   


A watercolour painting of stingrays

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