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Download a fun activity

A black line drawing of the State Library of NSW




The State Library of NSW opened in 1910 and is situated opposite the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Add some inspiring colours to this sheet to reflect the beauty of the gardens and building. Can you find Trim the cat?


Download this image

State Library of NSW in JPG

A black line drawing of a fantasy house






Imagine that you could build a house and fill it with everything you’ve ever wanted. Would you have a room for blowing bubbles, a mini-zoo for your pet monkeys… or both?

Draw a plan for your fantasy house like the one in the picture and then make up a story about who owns this house. Who comes to visit? Where would they go first? What mischief would they get up to?

Download this image

Fantasy House in JPG

A black line drawing of a caravan





It's holiday time! Imagine you are going on holidays and you get to design your perfect caravan. Will it have a reading corner and a games area? Can you find a little nook for your pets? Be creative and have fun!

Download this image

Caravans in JPG

A set of playing cards with Australian birds on them



Playing games with your family and friends is a fun holiday activity. Use these bird cards to play Memory, Matching Pairs or be creative and make up your own card game!


Download this activity

Bird cards in PDF


A cipher to create a secret coded message



Create your own code to write private messages and learn how to send them in boats or flags.

Download the activity booklet and join us for the Secret Codes workshop.

Download this activity

Secret Codes Activity Booklet in PDF