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A new term and a whole new bunch of artworks to look at!

Join us for more exciting and inspiring art adventures based on the State Library collections, and be encouraged in your own artmaking adventures at the same time.

This club is ideal for budding primary school-aged artists, who want to try some new ideas and get excited about hearing some of the stories behind the paintings at the State Library. It’s lots of fun and led by Andrea, our art educator.  

Art Club is held fortnightly during term time on Thursdays at 4 pm, beginning on 15 July.  

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A watercolour painting of stingrays

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Jump in and have a look at some of the amazing artwork created by Art Club members!

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Green leaves

July 15 2021 — 4pm  

Natural materials

We begin the term thinking about the natural environment, which is and will always be, one of the greatest sources of inspiration for Indigenous artists. Prior to this week’s session, try to get outside and collect some natural materials to use for this week’s artworks. You might like to take some photos too.

[Fish and sharks], approximately 1860-1901
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July 29 2021 — 4pm

Fish and sharks, 1875

by Mickey of Ulladulla

Mickey of Ulladulla lived on the south coast of New South Wales in the late 1800s and created beautiful, detailed artworks of the surrounding natural world using pencil and watercolours. This week we examine his skilful combination of shape and pattern used to depict the local native birds and sea life.

Colourful frogs

Copyright Bronwyn Bancroft

August 12 2021 — 4pm

Artworks from various children's books

by Bronwyn Bancroft

The colourful creations of Bundjalung woman and artist Bronwyn Bancroft are loved across the world for their vibrancy and energy. Explore the colours and patterns of these visually exciting artworks and be inspired to try some new colour combinations in your own artmaking.


Hunting emu, ca. 1885
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August 26 2021 — 4pm

Corroborree and Hunting, 1860-1900

by Tommy McRae

Artist Tommy McRae lived over 100 years ago on the south coast of New South Wales, like his friend Mickey of Ulladulla. Tommy’s many figurative artworks depict a range of everyday activities, giving us a glimpse into the culture of the Indigenous people of the area at that time, and how the effects of colonisation were creeping into these remote areas. This week we look at how Tommy has used shapes and tone to create expressive figurative works and apply these ideas to our own artmaking.

Paperback tree bark

September 9 2021 — 4pm  

TBC – Watch this space!