Young Writers Club

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Are you a storyteller?  An aspiring author?

Someone who loves to write and capture the world around you through stories?

If you have answered ‘YES!’ to these questions, then our Young Writers Club is for YOU!

Brush up on your writing skills, get some inspiration, share ideas and get stuck into writing with Alicia and Susan. There will be lots of fun,  fabulous writing tips and the opportunity to connect with a real-life authors and other inspiring people!

This program is offered online, once a fortnight during school term. Sessions run from 4pm to 5pm. 

TERM 4 STARTS Wednesday 19 october 2022

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Young writers showcase

What do we create in Young Writers Club? Read some of the magical masterpieces created by our members. 

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Term 4: Spooky State Library

This term your characters will embark on a night-time adventure through the spooky State Library. You’ll create an atmosphere of suspense and highlight the gothic features of the Mitchell Library as your characters move through the building, witness strange events and uncover mysteries.  

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Week 1 - Spooky setting

19 October, 4pm 

You’ll set the scene for a spooky adventure into the Mitchell Library building at night by creating a suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere. But why is your character creeping into the Library in the dark? And what will they find?

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Week 2 – The monster

2 November, 4pm  

Get your torches ready, because this week we’ll share Australian ghost stories for kids to inspire you to create a mythical creature for your story. Will it be a ghost? A monster? A cryptic cryptid? It’s up to you. Describe your creature’s physical form and decide which historical wrongdoing will bring it into existence.

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Week 3 - Pacing

16 November, 4pm  

As the mystery in the Library deepens, you must find ways to keep your reader on the edge of their seat. How can you frighten your character and what kind of unexpected discoveries will they make on their spooky adventure into the Library?  

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Week 4 - The fix

30 November, 4pm 

In our final week of writing, your characters will need to figure out how to vanquish the mysterious creature by remedying the historical wrong that brought them into existence. Will your characters be able to put things right again … or will they die trying?

Author Paula Hayes

Week 5 – Term 4 wrap-up party! 

14 December, 4pm  

Special guest: Author Paula Hayes

Paula Hayes is an Australian writer of magical realism for young people, which means she is good at imagining strange things and writing about them in a real-life setting. Her first novel, Lily in the Mirror, was a CBCA Notable Book in 2017. Then Lily in the Mirror grew and grew and turned into an omnibus, illustrated by Katy Jiang — a trilogy of Lily books!