Young Writers Club

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Are you a storyteller?

An aspiring author?

Someone who loves to write and capture the world around you through stories?

If you have answered ‘YES!’ to these questions, then our Young Writers Club is for YOU!

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Brush up on your writing skills, get some inspiration, share ideas and get stuck into writing with Alicia and Susan. There will be lots of fun,  fabulous writing tips and the opportunity to connect with a real-life authors and other inspiring people!

This program is offered online, once a fortnight during school term. Suitable for writers aged 8-14years.

Starting Wednesday 3 February 2021 4-5pm


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Landing in Bounty Bay, c 1825
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Week 1 - Welcome!

3 February

How does this place feel to you, what does it sound like? Smell like? Taste like? Look like?

In this session you will become an expert on describing places using some amazing pictures from the collection.

Meerwunder und seltzame thier
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Week 2 - Writing Monsters

17 February 

Special guest: Dr John Vallance

Listen to tales of  the scariest monsters in the history of writing and have a go at creating your own frightful beast. 

Can you create a monster than is terrifying enough to scare the NSW State Librarian, Dr John?

Marjorie Proctor-Brodsky scrapbooks and clippings ca.1959-1964, p.41
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Week 3 - Discussing dialogue

3 March 

What is the difference between an exciting piece of dialogue and a dull conversation?

In this session you will learn how to show emotions through dialogue and seamlessly integrate your character’s conversations with your descriptive writing.

A Description of a wonderful large wild man, or monstrous giant, brought from Botany-Bay, ca 1789
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Week 4 - Not-your-average news report

17 March 

Extra, extra, read all about it!

Time to put your manic monsters and candid conversations into print by writing a truly sensational newspaper front page.

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Week 5 - Term 1 wrap up party!

31 March

Special guest: Gabrielle Wang

To celebrate a wonderful first term of Young Writer’s Club, award-winning author and illustrator Gabrielle Wang will be joining us to discuss the inspiration behind her books and lead a writing activity and dragon drawing workshop.