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Young Writers Club

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Are you a storyteller?  An aspiring author?

Someone who loves to write and capture the world around you through stories?

If you have answered ‘YES!’ to these questions, then our Young Writers Club is for YOU!

Brush up on your writing skills, get some inspiration, share ideas and get stuck into writing with Alicia and Susan. There will be lots of fun,  fabulous writing tips and the opportunity to connect with the State Library’s vast collections!

This program is offered online, once a fortnight during school term. Sessions run from 4pm to 5pm. 

TERM 1 STARTS Wednesday 8 FEBRUARY 2023

Register For the Young Writers Club here

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Young writers showcase

What do we create in Young Writers Club? Read some of the magical masterpieces created by our members. 

Read some examples noW >

Term 2: A Secret Door

This term we are exploring the genre of magical realism by creating an enchanted world that can only be accessed through a secret door. We’ll help you to develop a complex character, build a magical world and stretch your powers of imagination! 

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Week 1 - A troublesome character

3 May, 4pm 

You will begin your story by creating a main character with some seriously difficult and rather unpleasant character traits.  This character is in need of some serious transformation! Luckily, a secret door will be revealed to them and might just be the perfect opportunity for your main character to escape their unhappy life and change their perspective.

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Week 2 – Through the Door

17 May, 4pm  

As your character enters the secret door for the first time, they will have to learn the rules and customs of the enchanted realm they find. Learn how to take elements of everyday life and add a magical twist to surprise and delight your reader, and create a conflict that your character will have to solve if they ever want to return home.

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Week 3 - Overcoming Obstacles

31 May, 4pm  

This week you will challenge your character with a set of obstacles preventing them from returning home. You will learn how to gradually reveal subtle positive changes in your character and their behaviours, showing readers that your troublesome character from Week 1 may have a good heart after all.  

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Week 4 - Returning Home

14 June, 4pm 

This week you will craft a satisfying resolution for your story. Your character will dramatically fix the problem in the magical world and finally they will be able to return home – now with a refreshed outlook on life and a dramatic change in attitude.