Young Writers Club

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Are you a storyteller?  An aspiring author?

Someone who loves to write and capture the world around you through stories?

If you have answered ‘YES!’ to these questions, then our Young Writers Club is for YOU!

Brush up on your writing skills, get some inspiration, share ideas and get stuck into writing with Alicia and Susan. There will be lots of fun,  fabulous writing tips and the opportunity to connect with a real-life authors and other inspiring people!

This program is offered online, once a fortnight during school term. Suitable for writers aged 8-14years.

TERM 3 STARTS Wednesday 27 July 2022

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Young writers showcase

In Term 3, our young writers immersed themselves in the features of the fantasy genre and created some magical masterpieces.

Read some examples noW >

Term 3: Exploring the great unknown

Two men and a horse looking at a river

Arrival of Burke & Wills at Flinders River, 1861 / J. Greig

Week 1 - Where to? 

27 July 

Your character feels compelled to head out into the unknown. Why are they going? Who and what will they take with them? This week we will learn from the mistakes (and successes) of real explorers, which may influence your characters and their choices on departure! 

A landscape with trees and a hill with a rock in the distance

[Sunset in New South Wales], 1865 / Eugene von Guerard

Week 2 – Sense of place 

10 August 

As your character embarks on their exploration into the unknown, they will discover many challenges they never expected. Inspired by real explorers from history, you’ll describe this new world from your protagonist's perspective. 

A map

[Map of Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand ... showing the results of his voyages of 1642-3 and 1644 know as the Tasman map or Bonaparte map]

Week 3 - Survival 

24 August 

As the action builds in your story, what steps will your character need to take to survive? How can a mental or physical map reflect their understanding of the world they’re exploring? 

Two boat rowing to shore through a stormy sea

Landing in Bounty Bay, 1825? / Frederick William Beechey

Week 4 - Tense moments 

7 September 

Tension builds as your explorers approach their planned destination, will they achieve what they set out to do? or will it all fall apart in a dramatic fashion? This week you will choose whether your intrepid travellers will return home or stay where they are. 

Author Angela May George

Week 5 – Term 3 wrap-up party! 

Special guest: Author Angela May George

21 September 

Angela May George’s novels beautifully characterise the experiences of modern multicultural Australia. Angela’s books include How I didn’t straighten my hair, Step up Shine on, and CBCA shortlisted book Out, a heart-warming tale of a young girl seeking asylum with her mother.