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Young Writers Club

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Are you a storyteller?

An aspiring author?

Someone who loves to write and capture the world around you through stories?

If you have answered ‘YES!’ to these questions, then our Young Writers Club is for YOU!

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Brush up on your writing skills, get some inspiration, share ideas and get stuck into writing with Alicia and Susan. There will be lots of fun,  fabulous writing tips and the opportunity to connect with a real-life authors and other inspiring people!

This program is offered online, once a fortnight during school term. Suitable for writers aged 8-14years.

TERM 2 STARTS Wednesday 28 APRIL 2021 4-5pm


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Week 1 - Characterisation

28 April

What makes a good detective?

Get your magnifying glasses ready to examine the ways we can create intriguing characters through indirect characterisation.

Week 2 - Crime and suspects

12 May

What motivates an individual to commit a crime? How do guilty people behave?

Create your own intriguing crime to be solved and develop a set of sinister suspects who engage in some shifty behaviour.

Week 3 - Crafting clues

26 May

Even the craftiest criminals leave behind evidence when they have committed a crime. Create a set of captivating clues and connect them with your shifty suspects.

Week 4 - Dramatic  dénouements

9 June

Tie all the pieces of your story together in a dramatic climax, as your detective finally reveals ‘whodunnit’.

Learn how to add twists to your writing that will keep your readers hooked until the very last word.

Week 5 - Term 2 wrap-up party!

23 June

Special guest: Ursula Dubosarsky

To celebrate a wonderful term of Young Writer’s Club, award-winning author Ursula Dubosarsky will join us to share her top tips for writing mysteries.