On The Move: Migration to Australia

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From the days of first contact through to the twentieth century - migration to Australia has taken many forms. Examine collection items relating to migration, explore some of the reasons for this movement of peoples, and learn a little about some of those involved. In this virtual excursion students will have the opportunity to see original collection items relating to migration; explore some of the reasons for the movement of people and uncover the stories of four migrants to Australia. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with primary and secondary sources, discuss the varied reasons for migration to Australia and talk with State Library educators .

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Curriculum Outcomes


  • HT3-3 Identifies change and continuity and describes the causes and effects of change on Australian society


  • Stories of groups of people who migrated to Australia (including from ONE Asian country) and the reasons they migrated, such as World War II and Australian migration programs since the war (ACHHK115)
  • The contribution of individuals and groups, including Aboriginal people and/or Torres Strait Islanders and migrants, to the development of Australian society, for example in areas such as the economy, education, sciences, the arts, sport (ACHHK116)

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