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Locating Glebe and Gulargambone

Where is Glebe and Gulargambone?

Student activities

Task no. 1

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Where is Glebe and Gulargambone

Use Source 3, in the downloadable resource, to view the location of Sydney and Coonamble Shire on a map of NSW.
Gulargambone is a rural village in the Coonamble Shire and that Coonamble is a rural town.  Glebe is an inner city suburb of Sydney.

Use Google Earth to locate Glebe and Gulargambone. View satellite images of the landform and land uses and explore the streets and surroundings using Street View. 

  • On a map of NSW, plot Coonamble Shire, Gulargambone, Coonamble, Castlereagh River, Parramatta River, Sydney. 
  • On a map of Sydney, plot the CBD, Glebe, Observatory Hill, Blackwattle Bay, Sydney Harbour, Parramatta River.

As a class, formulate inquiry questions:

  • What is the climate of Glebe and Gulargambone?
  • Who are the people, what do they do and where do they live in Glebe and Gulargambone?
  • How is inner city Sydney similar and different to north-western NSW?
  • How and why is daily life similar and different in inner city Sydney and rural north-western NSW?