The poetry of C.J Dennis

Student activity
Task No. 1

The Poetry of C.J Dennis

Recap Libby Hathorn's YouTube clip and the interesting facts the class discovered after listening to the clip.

View some of C.J Dennis' poems such as:

  • The Songs of the Sentimental Bloke
  • The Glugs of Gosh
  • The Triantiwontigongolope
  • Hist!

Display them on a screen so you can follow along as a class.

Spend time looking at either The Glugs of Glosh/Joi the Glug/Old Gosh Rhyme. Read through it as a class. Look at the language used, the layout and the notes written in pencil. Click here to access the digitised copy.

Read through the poems again as a class.
Each students should receive a copy of the poem (at least 2 verses of the poem).
As you read through the poems, highlight the rhyming words.
With a partner, discuss where the rhyming words were located and write these rhyming words onto a word wall for future reference.

You will learn a verse from one C.J Dennis poem. Some suggestions could be: The Glugs of Glosh/Joi the Glug/Old Gosh Rhyme. Begin to learn one of the poems.

Task No. 2

Reciting poetry

Continue to learn and recite your chosen poem, add actions if possible and present to the class or assembly.

Relook at The Glugs of Glosh/Joi the Glug/Old Gosh Rhyme.

  • What might a Glosh look like?
  • Listen to the poem and draw your impression
  • Display images in the classroom