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Research project

Student activities

Task no. 1

Research project

From sources 1-14, your own knowledge and your own research answer the following questions:

What were the constraints and possibilities for women at this time? Consider family life, employment, education, the vote, travel.

Choose one woman from sources 1-14 and complete the following task:

You are working as a war correspondent and have been asked by the Australian Women’s Weekly to write a 500 word article profiling the experience of one woman who participated in this major historical event.

  • What is the name and background of the woman you have chosen?
  • What was her motivation to participate in the war?
  • What was her contribution?
  • Where did she participate in the war effort?
  • When did she participate?
  • What were the challenges she faced?
  • What happened to her after the war?
  • How does her experience compare with other women of a similar age and background?
  • How did society’s perception of women change because of WWI?