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Schools and teachers

The Tablet of Sin-Kasid, King of Uruk

Students will investigate the evidence provided by a cuneiform tablet dating from c. 1860 BCE, and look at the place of artefacts such as these in a historical understanding of the emergence of writing, one of the defining characteristics of the ancient civilisation of Sumer.

Hands On World War 1

A white gloves experience for Year 9 History students, investigating WW1 artefacts.

Libby Hathorn presents Poets of Australia – Dorothea Mackellar

Students learn about the famous Australian poet Dorothea Mackellar and the inspiration behind her famous poem, 'My Country'.

Libby Hathorn presents Poets of Australia – Henry Lawson

Students will explore well known Australian poet Henry Lawson and several of his poems to gain an understanding of his style of writing.

Libby Hathorn presents Poets of Australia - C.J Dennis

Students will listen and respond to various poems written by C.J Dennis and gain an understanding of the writing style from that era. 

Battle of the Wasser

Students consider a number of accounts of the Battle of the Wasser from different primary sources and consider what effect this event might have on the Anzac legend. 

Censoring Tettawonga

Students investigate the removal of a section from Ethel Turner's 'Seven Little Australians' and consider why this may have happened and what it meant, in the context of contact between European settlers and Indigenous people.

The Fry Family Story - Service and Sacrifice

Through analysis of a collection of sources related to the lives of Alan and Dene Fry, students consider the motivation of soldiers to enlist and fight in WWI, and the impact of the war on the families left behind.