Schools and teachers

Stories in Surprising Places

Engage with intriguing collection items and enjoy the magic of stories at the BIG Library.

Significant Australians

Develop skills of historical inquiry and communication as you research significant Australians.

Face to Face

Come face to face with the people and places telling the stories of Australia's history.

Royal Seal of Henry IV

Students investigare the royal seal used by Henry IV and his reign as king.

The convict experience - Mary Reibey

Students learn about the life of Mary Reibey and her experiences from convict to free settler.

Making sense of a changing world

Students analyse the drawings by Mickey of Ulladulla and investigate how life changed for Aboriginal people as a result of British colonisation.

The Holocaust

Students investigate the holocaust and Muriel Knox Doherty, matron of the liberated Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.

Journey of the First Fleet

Students use the 'Voyages of Discovery' online resource from the State Library of NSW website to conduct research on the journey of the First Fleet.