Schools and teachers

Battle of the Wasser

Students consider a number of accounts of the Battle of the Wasser from different primary sources and consider what effect this event might have on the Anzac legend. 

Censoring Tettawonga

Students investigate the removal of a section of text from Ethel Turner's 'Seven Little Australians' between 1897 and 1994 and investigate why this may have happened, and what it meant, in the context of contact between European settlers and Indigenous people.

The Fry Family Story - Service and Sacrifice

Through analysis of a collection of primary sources related to the lives and war service of brothers Alan and Dene Fry, students consider the motivation of soldiers to enlist and fight in WWI, and the impact of the war on the families left behind. 

Women and War

Students investigate a range of primary sources in order to better understand the changing lives of the Australian women who served in World War I. 

Stories in Surprising Places

Engage with intriguing collection items and enjoy the magic of stories at the BIG Library.

Significant Australians

Develop skills of historical inquiry and communication as you research significant Australians.

Face to Face

Come face to face with the people and places telling the stories of Australia's history.

Royal Seal of Henry IV

Students investigare the royal seal used by Henry IV and his reign as king.