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Wish You Were Here!

Students envisage themselves as convicts in order to write a postcard ‘home’. 

Student activities

Task no. 1

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Wish You Were Here!

Teachers note: Print Resource 2: Postcard template 


Write in first person a postcard ‘home’ to Britain from the point of view of a convict.  Print your postcard template on light cardboard. 

Think about who you are writing to. Where do they live? Write their address on the postcard. Describe your living conditions and where you sleep at night.  

Think about whether you have created a home or is it just somewhere to sleep? 

Draw your shelter on the other side.  

Design the first Australian stamp. What image will you put on the stamp? Newly encountered animals? Aboriginal people? Convicts? The Governor’s profile? What colours will you choose? 

Of course, postcards and postage stamps were not invented until 1840 - and most convicts could not read and write but don’t let that stop you!