In their shoes

Student activity

Key inquiry question #1

How was the 200th anniversary of Cook’s landing at Botany Bay marked by civil rights activists in Australia?

Task No. 1

Inspired to attend

In the online exhibition, Eight Days in Kamay, the voices of individual people involved in the 1970 protest of Cook’s landing in Kamay can be heard. 

Take some time to explore those voices, by clicking through to the exhibition here.  

Imagine you are a student in 1970 who chose to attend the protest. Write a letter to a friend who lives overseas, recounting your experience. You will need to tell them about the context for the event, and your reasons for attending. Discuss who you saw speaking, their background story, and what they said. Your letter should be both a historical record of the protests, and a personal account that communicates how an attendee might have felt.