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Time travelling

Student activities

Task no. 1

Time travelling

Imagine you have been transported back in time to the classroom in the image below, from 1945. 

How did it happen?

One morning you woke up, got ready for school, ate your breakfast, and went off to school. When you got to school, you said hello to your friends, put your bag away, did all the things you normally do in the morning at school. Everything was the same as it was every day. Until you walked through the door of your classroom. Suddenly, your classroom dissolved and you found yourself standing in the classroom in the photograph. The teacher and students acted like they knew you, they called you by your name, and there was a seat for you.

At the end of the day, the teacher instructed the students to spend 20 minutes practising their writing. You decided to write a letter to your parents, describing what had happened to you over the course of the day in this classroom.

Your task is to write this letter. Include a comparison of this classroom and your classroom at ‘home’, your reactions to the events of the day, and what happened in the lessons.

After you have written the first draft of you letter, swap your draft with that of a classmate. Looking at sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling, edit your classmate’s letter using a coloured pencil. You should make notes at the end of their letter pointing out details you think they should add or have missed out.

Return the draft with edits to your classmate.

When you get your edited draft back from your classmate, read the comments, consider them and decide if you will make changes, and how. If you choose to make some changes, do so now.

Classroom, Maroubra Public School, 1946
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