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What did they win?

Student activities

Task no. 1

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What did they win?

People usually have a photo taken when they win a trophy or award.
Sometimes the trophy itself will tell you what sort of competition it was. 
Sometimes it has a statue or symbol on it that shows the event or competition.
The person's name s also written on it.
But sometimes you only have the photo and not the trophy.
In that case it is a bit more difficult to work out what kind of event it was.
Look carefully at the photos of people and their trophies.
Find clues in the photo that tell us what type of competition the person/team has won.

Picture Analysis:

For each of these images of people who won a trophy, answer these questions and write your ideas down in the downloadable resource.

  • What did they do to win?
  • What did they win?
  • How do you know?
  • Look for clues in the photos.
41-42. [Champion Scottish dancer Noelie Wheeler with her medals, ribbons and trophies, including ribbons from Sesquicentenary Brookvale Show, ca. 1939], 1939
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