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Visiting places

Student activities

Task no. 1

Visiting places

Collectively observe Sources 2 to 6 and discuss why people visit places and the factors that influence our ability to visit places. 

Describe the setting of this place.
Are there people? What are they doing?
Is this place in Australia or overseas?

Why would people visit this place?
Would people holiday in this place?
Have you visited a similar place?
If so, why have you visited this type of place?
How often do you visit this type of place?


Aerial photographs of North Nowra, 2004 / by Daryl Jones, 2004
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Renovated house, cnr Greendale Road and Peter Pan Avenue, Wallacia NSW, May 2014
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The Druze community having a picnic, Pioneer Reserve, Georges Hall, 4 June 2011,
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