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Excursion Summary

90 minutes

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Students will develop their visual literacy skills on a tour of the exhibition Imagine…the Wonder of Picture Books and discover how music can enhance the joy of storytelling. 

In this 90-minute program students will: 

  • tour the exhibition 
  • listen to a selection of picture books featured in the exhibition 
  • perform a sound story to accompany the story, Macca the Alpaca (Early Stage 1) 
  • create a collaborative sound score and perform it using percussion instruments (Stage 1). 

Curriculum outcomes

Early Stage 1 


  • ENe-8B: Demonstrates emerging skills and knowledge of texts to read and view, and shows developing awareness of purpose, audience and subject matter. 

Creative Arts in Music 

  • MUES1.1: Participates in simple speech, singing, playing and moving activities, demonstrating an awareness of musical concepts. 
  • MUES1.2: Creates own rhymes, games, songs and simple compositions. 
  • MUES1.4: Listens to and responds to music. 

Stage 1 


  • EN1-8B: Recognises that there are different kinds of texts when reading and viewing and shows an awareness of purpose, audience and subject matter. 

Creative Arts in Music 

  • MUS1.1: Sings, plays and moves to a range of music, demonstrating an awareness of musical concepts. 
  • MUS1.2: Explores, creates, selects and organises sound in simple structures. 
  • MUS1.3: Uses symbol systems to represent sounds. 
  • MUS1.4: Responds to a range of music, expressing likes and dislikes and reasons for those choices. 

Before you visit

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Booking Details


$200 for groups up to 15 and $325 for groups of 16–30.  


Monday to Friday, during term time  


90 minutes 

Minimum supervision ratio

Kindergarten – Year 2: 1 adult per 5 students  

Bookings are essential, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Email learning.library@sl.nsw.gov.au or phone 9273 1778.

Helpful hints to enjoy your excursion

These guidelines have been developed to assist students and teachers visiting the State Library of NSW to comply with the Department of Education risk assessment guidelines for excursions.

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Travel free by bus to the Library to participate in our onsite learning programs.