Who is C.J Dennis?

Student activity
Task No. 1

Who is C.J Dennis?

C.J. Dennis, poet - portrait, n.d. / Monteath, Melb.
Thomas and Sylvia Greentree
C.J. Dennis, [ca. 1910] / [comic portraits by unknown photographer]

Explain to students that they are going to learn about a well-known Australian author. The activities will culminate in them learning and reciting a poem, as well as writing their own poem which will be placed into a class book.

Look at the sources below and answer the following questions as a class:

  • Who has heard of C.J Dennis?
  • When do you think the photograph of Thomas and Sylvia Greentree may have been taken? Justify your reason.
  • Does the photograph give any indication of what Thomas may have done for a living?

Your teacher will briefly show you other photographs from that era.

Look at the series of photos of C.J Dennis in comical poses. What words would you use to describe him after seeing the photos?

Task No. 2

State Library of NSW presents Libby Hathorn's Poets of Australia: C.J Dennis.

Libby Hathorn is a well-known Australian poet and author. She has written and narrated the clip about C.J Dennis below. Briefly take a look at some of her other work.

Your teacher will give each student a sticky note. Write down one interesting fact you've learnt about C.J Dennis on your sticky note, these sticky notes will be placed on a topic wall.