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Guess the convict

Students guess the convict just by looking at portraits and challenge their preconceived thinking. 

Student activities

Task no. 1

Download resource (206.45 KB)

Guess the Convict

Teachers note: Print Resource 1: Guess which one of these men is the convict

Look at the four portraits in the downloadable resource.

Guess which one of the men is the convict? [The answers are in Additional Information.] 

Answer these questions:

  • What clues did you use to make your decision?
  • Did you guess correctly?
  • If you didn’t guess correctly, how did you come to your decision?
  • Do we make assumptions about people due to the way they look? Their clothes? Their jobs? Their backgrounds?

Research the life and circumstances of this convict.

Now finally, guess which one came out on the First Fleet? [The answers are in Additional Information.]