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Write a promotional pitch

Student activities

Task no. 1

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Write a promotional pitch

Start with a warm up brainstorming activity with your classmates, thinking of ways you could promote aspects of road safety today. You can record the ideas from the discussion on the handout, available as a downloadable resource.

The Pitch

Your teacher may decide that the pitch activity should focus on a particular aspect of road safety such as travelling to school or getting in and out of cars.

Pitch your idea to promote an aspect of road safety to your teacher or class.

Your pitch should be ONE minute in length (no more than about 150 words).

Your pitch should outline:

  1. the aspect of road safety to be promoted  
  2. a description of the float and any props or costumes that will be used
  3. the road safety slogan or message that will be displayed on the float.

Your pitch should include:

  • a quick sketch of the float (use an A3 sheet so that the image is large enough for your audience to see)
  • a copy of the sign that will display the slogan (at least A4 in size)

Twitter Pitch

You might decide to pitch your idea for Road Safety Week using the 140 characters of a Tweet.

A perfect tweet that uses exactly 140 characters is known as a Twoosh.

You might set yourself the more challenging task of pitching your idea for a road safety float using a Twoosh.