Alcohol and pregnancy videos

A series of videos about FASD

Watch four videos with messages from Aboriginal health workers, mothers, fathers and young people about the risk of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) for:

  • Women and community – Aboriginal health workers and women who have personal experience of FASD promote the importance of not drinking alcohol during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, and seeking professional support.
  • Men – uses humour to raise Aboriginal men’s awareness of FASD and how they can support their pregnant partner by not drinking alcohol during the pregnancy.
  • Young people – uses humour to raise the awareness FASD and the risk of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.
  • Health professionals – a guide for discussing alcohol with Aboriginal pregnant women, assessing risk to mother and baby and providing appropriate advice in a culturally sensitive environment.

The videos are part of  the Stay Strong and Healthy Campaign, a  campaign for Aboriginal women and their partners and family, aims to raise awareness about drug and alcohol and mental health issues during or following pregnancy and the importance of staying healthy and avoiding alcohol and other drugs at this time.

The campaign also promotes the availability of professional services and the role of partners and family in supporting pregnant women and women with young babies.

Go to for health information on pregnancy and looking after a new bub, drugs and alcohol and coping with feeling down. You can also find a local Aboriginal maternal and infant service on the interactive map and healthy Koori recipes.