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Improving the Reading Room for you

The Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room (GMBRR) has a long and proud history of providing high quality information services to Library clients. As services and the needs of our readers, researchers and visitors change and evolve, the reading room must change and adapt with it.

In the coming months the GMBRR will be reconfigured so that we can accommodate the increasing need for Verandah-style spaces (our most heavily used area), and improve access to our collections and services.

LG1 will be opened up to create more informal working spaces with increased provision of accessible furniture and equipment.

As we make these improvements you will begin to see changes in the GMBRR over the coming months, including:

  • our most recent SRL collection material, as well as current newspapers and serials, will be located on LG1
  • all other current reference material will be made available from LG2
  • the removal of the glass walls surrounding the reading room on LG1
  • a new secure area will be established on LG1 and provide access to LG2
  • the installation of new accessible ramps leading into the reading room are planned at a later stage
  • New study booths and an additional study room will be available on LG1

The service desk on LG2 will also be repositioned so that it is more centrally located and can serve both Family History and general reference enquiries. 

All planned activity will be completed outside of opening hours. As we stage these changes you may find collections or services temporarily relocated. Please see Library staff for assistance as we work towards these improvements.

Improvements to the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room

Improvements to the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room — LG1
Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room — LG1
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Improvements to the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room — LG2
Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room — LG2
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