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New galleries opening 2018

We’re turning the Library inside out so that you can experience our most remarkable treasures when the Michael Crouch Family Galleries open later this year!

We’re doubling our gallery spaces on the first floor of the historic Mitchell Building and returning some of the Library's most beautiful heritage spaces to the public in the process.

On launch, the extensive new galleries in the eastern wing of the Mitchell will showcase items of international significance including the Library’s unrivalled collection of First Fleet journals, letters from Australian soldiers on the Western Front, and a world map created at the beginning of the 18th century showing the western coastline of Australia.

The Library’s unique holdings of landscape and portrait paintings – exquisite pieces of "documentary art" according to the State Librarian Dr John Vallance – will go on permanent public display for the first time in the western wing galleries (currently undergoing refurbishment).

In addition, the Library’s exciting program of changing exhibitions and displays will continue to feature local and international collections. Guest curator Jonathan Jones’ exciting new collaboration with Sydney Elders will help launch the 2018 program.

With more than one million people expected to walk through the Library’s doors this year, Dr Vallance wants as many people as possible to visit the new galleries and experience all the benefits this great library can offer.

Dr Vallance recently told the Sydney Morning Herald: "A great library is a place where individuals and communities can find out who they are, where they are from and where they might be going. A great library introduces new generations to the pleasures of learning, exploration and reflection. A great library serves its readers, responds to their specific needs but never tells them what to think."​​ Read the full article here

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Neville Williams

In light of what you have said in the Sydney Morning Herald about the importance of the library as a place where " have to have to have conversations with people" I wonder what do people see here? ...

Sounds exciting libraries "morphing into places of cultural interaction and learning in addition to their traditional function."