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New sample letter generator

The Financial Rights Legal Centre has launched a new free interactive legal information tool for consumers.

The Sample Letter Generator helps consumers create professional and legal letters to send to financial service providers like banks, creditors and insurance companies.

The sample letters you can create are:

Credit Debt & Banking

Requesting Documents
Letter to Bank Cancelling Direct Debit Authority
Letter to Business Cancelling a Direct Debit Authority
Dealing with Debt Collection
Debt Collector (Old Debts)
Letter Requesting Hardship Variation on a Consumer Loan or Lease
Offer of Settlement – Where you agree you owe all or part of a debt


Letter to Insurer Disputing Amount Claimed
Insurance Code Complaint
Letter to Insurer Raising a Dispute
Letter to Insurer Requesting Release from Debt
Letter to Insurer Requesting Documents
Letter to Insurer Offering to Pay Insurance Debt
Letter to Insurer – Can’t Pay Excess