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The new wi-fi network is now live!

wi-fi network launch

New Wifi mobile

How do I connect to the wi-fi?

You can connect to the Library's free wi-fi in all areas of the Library. You don’t need a login, password or Library card.

  1. In your device’s wi-fi or network settings, select 'State Library of NSW' from the list of networks. You will only need to do this once, as your device will remember the network.
  2. After reading the Terms of use, Accept and Connect to continue.
  3. Check if you’re connected to the State Library of NSW network in your device’s wi-fi or network settings. The old 'SLNSW' wi-fi network will be disconnected. As a security measure, you should “forget the network” on your device.

More information about connecting to the wi-fi network, including security guidelines, are available on our website.

About the new wi-fi network

You can continue to enjoy free internet access from your laptop and mobile devices, but with improved reliability, speed, security and coverage across both Library buildings.


The new network has been designed using a detailed site survey, ensuring there are enough wireless access points and in the right locations.

Black spots will be eliminated, allowing you to remain connected no matter where you are.


The new wireless access points will support more simultaneous wi-fi connections, even when close to each other.

When you’re moving around the reading rooms, the new wi-fi controllers and access points will also seamlessly work together to reduce the chance of a network drop-out.