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Over 150 years of NSW government records digitised and online for the first time!

The State Library of New South Wales, in partnership with the National Library of Australia, has digitised over one million pages of historic NSW Government Gazettes to make the entire collection now available online - for free!

The Gazettes are significant official records relating to every facet of government, from the smallest local council notices to the establishment of our nation. The State Library’s newly digitised Gazette collection dates back to 1832 in the early days of the colony, and continues right up until 2001 when the Gazette entered the digital age and began to be published electronically.

They are essential sources for anyone examining the history of NSW and Australia, and now, through the Library’s NSW Government funded Digital Excellence Program, they are all accessible online, available to everyone.

Research guides for the Govt Gazettes are available on the State Library’s website.

Find and explore the NSW Government Gazettes  through TROVE.

Image of historical legal books