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The romance of maps

Historic map of Maitland, courtesy of Maitland City Library

Over the last three years Maitland City Library has been working on a project to digitise selected collections that have been identified as significant to the history and heritage of Maitland. 

The map collection includes over 150 maps of the local area dating from 1841 through to 1973. Every map tells a story of the past – how the town of Maitland developed over time, the names of the streets or subdivisions, the location of mining quarries or significant landholdings. The availability of the collection is the result of efforts of the Library’s Information Systems Coordinator Peter Woodley and Local Studies Librarian, Judy Nicholson in organising the digitisation and cataloguing of the maps.  This has been a milestone in building our collection, making it accessible and preserving it for future generations

The launch of the map collection, on 18 June 2015,  happily coincided with International Map Year, a worldwide celebration of maps and their unique role in the world. 

Keryl Collard
Maitland City Library

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