State Library celebrates with Fairfield City

State Librarian John Vallance joined Fairfield City Open Libraries today for the opening their new Technology Hub at Bonnyrigg Library and the revamped Children’s Space at Whitlam Library.

The transformed space at Bonnyrigg Library now houses a technology and creative space to provide skills and education for now and into the future, and Whitlam Library’s new space provides children with a place that better stimulates and enhances their natural desire to explore, discover, learn and have fun while spending quality time with their families.

According to John Vallance: "Dedicated children's library areas, well stocked with books, are perfect for attracting young people and ensuring that their first impressions of libraries are positive. The range of material available in this refurbished space will help the next generation acquire a permanent love for libraries and learning. That’s certainly what we’ve been finding with our Children’s Library at the State Library, and we are delighted that we’ve been able to support this new development."

"Libraries encourage curiosity and interest, and this new technology lab at Bonnyrigg Library will enable local residents to explore and discover whatever they want. Coupled with strong library collections, Bonnyrigg will help children develop their enthusiasms, and provide a solid foundation for their future," said Dr Vallance.

Both projects were supported by Public Library Grants administered by the State Library of NSW. Find more information about funding, grants and subsidies for public library services here.