Bags and lockers



You can bring your bag into most areas of the Library including the Mitchell Library Reading Room and the Verandah.

To protect the Library's collections, some areas of the Library have bag restrictions. You may need to hire a locker to store your bag to use these areas. 

See the Reader and Visitor Code of Conduct for more information.

Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room

Bags smaller than 30 × 35 × 30 cm can be brought into the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room. You will need to hire a locker if your bag is larger than this when at full size.

You may be able to bring in your laptop bag if it’s larger than 30 × 35 × 30 cm. Security staff will need to approve the bag. See staff at the reading room entrance.

Special Collections area

You're not able to bring any bags into the Special Collections area. You will need to hire a locker for your bag to use the Special Collections area.


We have standard (42 cm x 90 cm x 42 cm) lockers for hire. 

  • The lockers are self-service. Use a rental station to hire a locker.
  • Only coins ($1 and $2) and notes ($5, $10 and $20) are accepted. You don't need to have the exact money as change is given.
  • You can open your locker as often as you need to during the hire period. Open your locker at a rental station.
  • Overnight storage is not available.


Lockers 0-4 hours 4-8 hours 8-12 hours
Standard lockers $1 $2 $3


Lockers are in the Mitchell Library and the Macquarie Street building.

Two people out of focus standing in front of bank of lockers