About Public Library Services

The State Library's Public Library Services team provides specialist advice and support to all local councils providing public library services to the people of NSW.

The team visits more than 100 NSW public libraries each year providing advice on services, collections, spaces, reviews, planning,  regional library agreements, children's services, building projects, multicultural services, reference services and promotion. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

The PLS Branch:

  •  Assists the Library Council of NSW to meet its objects and duties under the Library Act 1939 in relation to public libraries
  •  Provides expert advice on the management and development of public libraries
  •  Fosters the professional development of library staff
  •  Provides leadership on matters affecting public libraries
  •  Provides expert advice to Government on matters affecting public libraries in NSW

The branch is arranged into six service units:

Public Library Funding
  • Manages the State Government's public library grants and subsidies programs to support local council public libraries
Policies, Guidelines and Data
  • Collects and disseminates data on NSW public libraries
  • Develops public library standards, guidelines and policies
  • Identifies and researches industry-wide issues
Compliance and Assessment
  • Reviews public libraries on behalf of councils
  • Manages public library compliance with the Library Act 1939 and the Library Regulation 2018
NSW.net Services
  • Assists with connectivity, including subsidies and Wi-Fi
  • Facilitates consortia subscription to eresources and databases
Specialist Information Services
Cooperative and Multicultural Services
  • Supports the development of public library multicultural collections
  • Manages bulk loans of multicultural, large print and talking books to public libraries from the State Library's collection

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