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Amplify: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amplify? 

Amplify is a crowdsourcing platform where libraries can publish digital audio materials from their collections, paired with machine-generated transcripts. These audio files can then be accessed and listened to by members of the public, who can also help to correct any errors they may find in the computer generated transcripts as they listen along. 
The aim of Amplify is to promote access to rich cultural collections from across New South Wales, as well as to provide an engaging and user-friendly tool to create and correct transcripts at low cost. 

What kind of collections does my library need in order to participate? 

In order to use the Amplify platform, your library must have digital audio materials – either digitised or born digital audio files. It will also be beneficial if you have access to digital images that can be paired with your audio collections, however this is not essential if you do not have images available. 

Will using Amplify cost my library any money? 

The State Library of NSW will subsidise costs for all eligible public libraries in NSW in their entry-level use of Amplify. We will do this using a tiered subscription approach wherein each public library will have access to the “basic” subscription tier at no cost to them. The basic tier includes 5 gigabytes of file storage for audio and images. If an individual library wants to exceed that storage limit, they will then be upgraded to the next tier which will incur an annual subscription cost, however this upgrade will be at the discretion of the participating public library and will only occur after consultation with the State Library of NSW.  

What kind of resourcing from my library will be required? 

Using Amplify is an ongoing commitment from your library. The State Library can offer you access to the technology and technical support to use Amplify as a vehicle for transcription and community engagement, but your success in using the platform will be dependent on the ongoing resources you commit to the project. 
Some of the tasks you will need to resource include:  

  • Content creation and management including some moderation 
  • Ongoing promotion of your collections 
  • Recruiting local volunteers and community engagement 
  • Ongoing technical support and troubleshooting for your volunteers 
  • Ongoing management of copyright of your collections 
  • Ongoing management of any enquiries related to your audio collections  

How many libraries will be accepted to the platform? 

Each application round will be dependent on how many submissions we receive, as well as other factors such as, for example, the ability to group geographically situated libraries into one round to help with providing joint training. We aim to include up to 5 new public libraries for each round, with a minimum of 2 rounds per year. 

What criteria do you assess applications against? 

There are no set criteria in which each application is assessed, but some factors that might influence our decision may include: 

  • Public libraries access to digitised audio and image files 
  • Variety and scope of content areas 
  • Geographic location of applying libraries 
  • Guarantee of resourcing from participating libraries 

Will you provide ongoing training and support for my library in the use of Amplify? 

Yes. As part of our roll out to public libraries, we will be providing face-to-face training for all new participants. Your library will also receive membership to the Amplify Community of Practice, an online hub providing support, platform updates, resources, best practice advice and ongoing peer-to-peer communication in the use of Amplify. This online hub will be the first port of call for ongoing support and training. 

My library doesn’t yet have digital audio material. Can we participate in Amplify? 

To add collections to Amplify your library must have digitised collections. Your complete archive of oral histories and audio material does not need to be digitised, but at least a portion of your total audio collections must be in digital format to be eligible for use on Amplify. 

How long is the commitment for using Amplify? 

There is no set period that you will be locked into using the platform. Amplify should be seen as a tool for the creation and correction of transcripts, not as a long-term host for your audio collections. Once your audio collections have been transcribed in full, you will be able to extract your complete transcripts and then takedown your audio materials from the platform.  

If my library participates in the Amplify platform will the State Library acquire our collections? 

No. The State Library will provide you with the technology and infrastructure to temporarily host your audio collections for the purpose of transcription, but your collections remains yours and the State Library will not keep any copy of your materials other than automated technical backups of the Amplify platform as whole as part of our disaster recovery procedures. 

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