Amplify: How can my library get involved?

Amplify Expressions of Interest 

Expressions of interest for NSW public libraries interested in subscribing to the Amplify platform are now open and applications must be submitted by Friday, 25 June, 2021. See below for more information about eligibility and application requirements.

After a successful pilot project in partnership with selected public libraries in 2018, and a roll out of the service to a second round of libraries in 2019/2020, the State Library is now offering the use of Amplify to a new round of eligible NSW public libraries.  

By joining the Amplify platform, your library will be set up with its own presence to host your digitised oral history collections, making them available for listening and transcription to the public. As well as complimentary training, you will also receive membership to the Amplify Community of Practice, an online hub providing support, platform updates, resources, best practice advice and ongoing peer-to-peer communication in the use of Amplify.  

There will be no affiliated subscription or hosting costs to the basic level tier of Amplify for all eligible public libraries in NSW. However, participating in the Amplify platform means committing ongoing resources from your library to the creation and management of content on the site, ongoing engagement and support for your community of volunteers, actively participating in the Amplify Community of Practice and other related administrative tasks. 

New subscriptions to Amplify will be opened to eligible public libraries in NSW via staggered application rounds each year. The number of successful applicants in each round will be dependent on how many submissions we receive, as well as other factors such as, for example, the ability to group geographically situated libraries into one round to help streamlining and scheduling training. We aim to include up to 5 new public libraries for each round, with a minimum of 2 rounds per year. 


In order to use the Amplify platform, your library must have digital audio materials – either digitised or born digital audio files. It will also be beneficial if you have access to digital images that can be paired with your audio collections, however this is not essential if you do not have images available. 

Using Amplify is an ongoing commitment from your library. The State Library can offer you access to the technology and technical support to use Amplify as a vehicle for transcription and community engagement, but your success in using the platform will be dependent on the ongoing resources you commit to the project. Your library will also be required to demonstrate that it has ongoing staff resources available to manage your collection content and volunteer engagement.  

For more information about eligibility and selection criteria please see our Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply 

Expressions of interest for NSW public libraries interested in subscribing to the Amplify platform are now open. If your library is interested in subscribing to the Amplify platform, please complete the following checklist and submit your application no later than  close of business (COB) Friday, 25 June, 2021. 


  • Review detailed information about the Amplify platform on our website including platform guide, frequently asked questions and case studies.
  • Attend a mandatory Amplify EOI webinar. Please register for one of the following sessions:
  • Assess suitability of digital content from your collections
  • Confirm availability of staff resources for ongoing Amplify involvement with your library manager and/or staff
  • Submit expression of interest form by COB Friday, 25 June, 2021.

Submit Amplify expression of interest

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