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2013-2014 data available on Bibliostat.

The 2013-2014 statistics can now be searched on Bibliostat.  

Some tips to get started:

When searching Bibliostat select NSW library services to access the main content of the statistics. 

You can search Bibliostat and find for example that the total collection stock for NSW is 13.3 million items, which have been borrowed 45.4 million times.

You can also see that Sutherland and Wingecarribee have the highest percentage of self check with 99%. Followed by Willoughby (92%) and Penrith (90%).

If you select NSW Councils you will be accessing the two measures we report to the NSW Office of Local Government - circulation by council and non-resident membership.  

NSW Central and Branch Libraries has no content, we are looking into this.

If you need help with searching contact Kathy, Kate, Mylee or Ellen.