2+3D photography: practice and prophecies - highlights from following online

The 2+3D photography - practice and prophecies conference has just finished in Amsterdam.  Thanks to kind tweeters it was possible to follow this conference online early in the morning.  All the content below came from links in their tweets.  The conference has relevence to many library services, and plans for the future.

Highlights of the conference include:

Pipeline digitisation

Smithsonian 3D scanning

Finding out about the work the Smithsonian is doing

Being able to access the Smithsonian 3D scans for printing at home (or in a library) and being able to use the Metropolitan Museum of Art's 3D printing booklet for beginners.

This video provides a different way of thinking about digitising the collection.

Thinking about digitisation and collection management 

I am sure if someone else had looked at the tweets, they would have some different ideas to take away. You can see more here via #2and3D