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The Artist's Library by Laura Damon-Moore & Erinn Batykefer the Behind the Glass Lecture

Many of you would have heard of the work of Laura Damon-Moore & Erinn Batykefer from their book The Artist’s Library or from their blog Library as incubator project.  Their work was discussed at the most recent meeting of the Local Studies Working Group.

If you have not heard of their work, this video has some great ideas for makers/making/artists connecting with libraries, as well as, right at the end, in the questions and answers, some interesting discussion about the value of reference work.

The Corning Museum of Glass recently hosted these librarians to give a talk on their work of connecting artists and libraries.  You can watch the video of the talk below.  You may want to gather a few colleagues and watch it for professional development, and then discuss it with each other afterwards.  There are some good ideas for you to consider in your library.