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Creative communities, makerspaces and libraries

The Learning Space team at The Connection, Rhodes  hosted a development day for public library and council staff  during the Vivid Ideas festival.

Participants were invited to bring along a program idea to work on - an idea they were hoping to introduce in their library. A design thinking process was used to develop the idea.

The first step was to INSPIRE and INQUIRE. To really understand the needs of individual library clients, personas  were developed. These personas were used to identify the objectives, challenges and pain points of library users.

The next step was to IDEATE - brainstorming many ideas and refining priorities to identify the opportunity that is being created for the persona. 

The opportunity to ITERATE forced the participants to develop a pitch to describe the project and the opportunity it presented to a specific demographic.

The final stage was to IMPLEMENT. The other participants and the invited experts helped everyone to consider what the model program would look like, what would be needed to run it and how roadblocks would be identified and overcome. 

Many people commented that using this process really helped to rethink and redesign a program or service they had in mind for their library.

Find out more in the free Design thinking for libraries toolkit by IDEO.

You can also find more makerspace focussed resources for ideas and inspiration in the Creative communities list of resources.   

Thanks to City of Canada Bay and the Learning Space team for hosting the program, to all the invited experts for their input and to everyone who participated and shared their experience and ideas. Man and two women sitting at a table and talking