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Cultural competence program

In 2017  the State Library of NSW commissioned a project to explore to what extent public libraries in New South Wales are evolving to meet the changes in local demographics, service expectations, community needs and access to technology for non-English speaking members of the community.  

The findings of this research project, Multicultural Library services in NSW Public Libraries, identified a gap in the provision of training to support the development cultural awareness. The recommendation was to provide libraries with opportunities to increase their staff capacity and enable them to increase engagement with CALD communities and library users. This is particularly the case in relation to technology and digital literacy, as well as improving cultural competency.

In response to this recommendation the State Library of NSW funded 166 positions for NSW public library staff to undertake cultural competence online training using the Cultural Competence Program (CCP). 

What is the Cultural Competence Program (CCP)?

The Cultural Competence Program (CCP) is an innovative new product designed to address the challenges and opportunities that diversity poses to organisations in managing diverse workforces and in servicing diverse marketplaces and communities .

The program consists of a range of multi-media online training courses and resources designed to enable to train small to large numbers of people to maximize the benefits of cultural competence, diversity and inclusion.

Courses are designed to build capabilities around cultural diversity and inclusion in the workplace with detailed culture specific information available to participants via The Cultural Atlas. The Cultural Atlas is an online educational resource providing detailed practical information about Australia’s diverse cultures and religions.


New places for training will be offered in October 2018.