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Digital Humanities 2015 - Day 1

We've shared a bit about the Digital Humanities conference and I will add my thoughts from attending Day 1.

The first keynote was presented by Jeffrey Schnapp, he is Faculty Director of metaLAB at Harvard University. Jeffrey spoke on Small data (the intimate lives of cultural objects). He talked about libraries holding collections that are often locked away in storage, never to be seen. Often these items are reduced to a list on a catalogue. Digitisation is a part of providing access to these items but it is not enough. Libraries need to transform these objects and provide other ways for people to experience them. He showed an example of 3D digitisation so that the collection item could be moved around and experienced from different angles just as if you were really holding it in your hand. 

Another interesting session was presented by Jon Voss from historypin. His presentation From crowdsourcing to knowledge communities had relevance for libraries. He said that you need cash, content and community to make a successful project. He referred to a specific historypin project Mapping emotions in Victorian London. Taking passages from Victorian era novels, contributors were invited to tag a location with the emotions from the passage. Jon said that he had no interest in Victorian literature or London during this era until he got involved in this project.

One of Jon's key tips was if you are trying to work with communities you need a community organiser.