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Digital Humanities 2015: Global digital humanities day 2

The international digital humanities conference in on in Sydney at present.  I was fortunate to be able to go to day 2 of it.  Below are some highlights.

Genevieve Bell presented an interesting keynote about antropomorphic robots, asking people to think about the big picture questions, and not only the detail. The video below is not from yesterday, but it covers the same general ideas.

You can see storifies about the tweets for the conference here.

Erik Champion discussed Inform, the Parable of the polgons (a lovely game), and Elegy for a dead world (a game about writing, to encourage writing).  Other games, like the ones on v-must were also covered.  In the same session Ben Schmidt showed the value of revisualising older data to increase the accuracy of the depiction.

The twitter account @IndigenousX and the associated blog were mentioned as sources of Indigenous created content by Peter Radoll.

The session on crowdsourcing looked at the work of Zooinverse (you should explore this), Folger Library with their Early modern manuscripts online, Transcribe Bentham and Ossian Online.  

The Folger Library runs training sessions for reading the complex handwriting, and transcribathons.  They are doing fun things to build energy and accuracy in transcribing handwritten documents. They also have weekly transciption challenges on Twitter.

There will be posts by other writers about this conference.