Jessica Pigza at Makers, craftivists, and public libraries: collections and community connections

Jessica Pigza, Assistant Curator, Rare Book Division, New York Public Library, author of Bibliocraft was the first presenter at the recent seminar at the State Library of NSW.  We had some problems with the live presentation, however, the sound is clear in the video.  You might want to watch this with a few colleagues and discuss the ideas, and how they could apply at your library. 

Jessica provided links to the resources which she talked about, and they are shown below (and include her comments):

Library as Incubator: 
Book to Art Club:
--a great way to rethink one's traditional book group
Design by the Book: 
--this was done with working local artists, but I've always wanted to see something done like this with arts students
Watermark Websites: 
Biodiversity Heritage Library
Ghosts of My Friends:
Card Stock Embroidery Tutorial
--I have successfully used squares of corrugated cardboard (cut up boxes) instead of a mousepad as a cushion beneath the card while pricking the holes.
--I usually prick maybe 8 holes per inch maximum 
--to prick the holes, a pushpin with a little plastic handle works well and is inexpensive
Erasure Poetry: 
--I've done this using printed out articles from historic newspapers, and it's a fun and low threshold way to get people trying their hand at creative writing.

We will be having a video presentation from some of the Library as incubator project people on 22 July.  We will send information out about how to watch and participate in early July.