Learning something new - Law Week 2019

Hundreds of people all around the state visited their local libraries during Law Week this year. There were displays, legal talks, presentations to schools, a play, legal advice sessions and much more.

Law Week is a great opportunity for libraries to highlight their Find Legal Answers service and to provide interesting and useful legal information to their community.

Included in the range of Law Week events this year were two new talks presented in partnership with Legal Aid NSW: Avoiding scams and NDIS - how the law can help. These talks were very popular, and one comment sums it up - the main point from each person was that they had in fact learned something new - another example of how libraries help to create an informed society!

Find out more about the events and programs presented for Law Week 2019. Congratulations to all libraries who took part.

Group of people in a library listening to a presentation

Legal education talk at Lithgow Library