Mobile & Outreach Services: NSW Public Libraries

Caravan with people sitting out the front - Marilyn, Warringah pop-up library

We have just sent out a copy of the Mobile & Outreach Services Report to each library service in NSW.

The report provides the history and context for the delivery of mobile and outreach library services within NSW and guidelines for the delivery of these services. We hope that it will become a key tool for the planning, delivery and evaluation of mobile and outreach services.

There are two versions of the report. The printed copy includes information from the International Organization for Standardization ISO:16439:2014 (E). The State Library obtained a licence to print one copy for each of the 101 NSW public library services. Under the licence we cannot provide you with additional copies. 

We have published an online version of the report without the information from ISO:16439 to make this publication more broadly available.