The Parramatta Heritage Centre’s Research Library

The Parramatta Heritage Centre’s Research Library is a space where researchers can visit and request information from professionals trained in both family history and local history. Researchers are also able to seek trained advice, assistance in using research tools, and use library reference materials which include heritage studies, historical resources and reports of the Parramatta area that include both the settlement and extensive development of the Parramatta area.

The Research Library collection is a significant reference source for planning the future and is a substantial resource available to public, patrons and council staff and is an excellent way to see how the City of Parramatta has changed and developed into what it is today.

Converting research enquiries into blog posts:

We receive a large number of enquiries from visitors, council staff, local Sydney siders, national and international communities. Due to the development within the Parramatta area, these enquiries have increased in number with the same or similar questions. As a result we decided to convert the research into blog posts and make them available on the Parramatta and Heritage Centre’s webpage.  All these blogs are referenced and are published under a creative commons license. We have over 400 blogs and every month we are publishing more blogs on our webpage. Some of the projects and blogs are:

Reference Guides:

Reference guides are useful tools prepared by the Parramatta Heritage Centre to get you started on your journey to:

The content in this guest blog post by Neera Sahni, City of Parramatta, was presented at Reference at the Metcalfe 25 May 2016.

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